Projected 7th CPC Transport Allowance

Before making any projection for  Transport Allowance after 7thcpc. Lets have a look at Transport Allowance recommendation  by Previous Pay commission.Transport Allowance was introduced in fifth pay commission.After 5th CPC  lump-sum amounts as Transport Allowance was decided based on the Pay Scale and City.

,6th Pay Commission brought in the DA Component  for payment of the Transport Allowance  .

New cities as per 2011 census for revised transport allowance

Transport Allowance on implementation of 5th Pay Commission

Pay Scale Transport Allowance
  A1/A cities Others
Rs.8000-13500 & above 800 400
Rs. 6500-6900 & abovebut below Rs. 8000 -13500 400 200
Below Rs. 6500-6900 100 75

Transport Allowance on implementation of 6th Pay Commission

Employee Grade Pay Rate of Transport Allowance per month
  In 13 Cities Classified as A1 / A earlier Other Places
Grade Pay of Rs.5400 & above Rs. 3200 + DA thereon Rs. 1600 + DA thereon
1. Grade pay of Rs. 4200, Rs.4600 and Rs. 4800. Those drawing grade pay below Rs. 4200 but drawing Pay in the payband equal to Rs.7440 and above Rs. 1600 + DA thereon Rs. 800 + DA thereon
Grade Pay below 4200 and pay in pay band below Rs.7440 Rs. 600 + DA thereon Rs. 400 + DA thereon

It could be seen from the table mentoned above that on implementation of 6th Pay Commission transport allowance was fixed at 4 times of 5th CPC Transport Allowance. In addition to this benefit DA component was also added. Hence 7th CPC Transport Allowance is estimated be double the amount of transport allowance granted by 6th CPC and DA component of  120 % on 6th CPC Transport Allowance as on 1st January 2016 merged with this new transport allowance

New 7th CPC Transport Allowance Estimation

New 7th Pay Commission Transport Allowance = Two times of existing 6th CPC Transport Allowance + 120% DA Component on 6th CPC Transport Allowance

7th CPC Calculator, calculate your estimated basic after 7th CPC


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