Photograph of 7th Pay Commission’s Document Spreads like Wildfire on Social Media

The document, titled “Report of Seventh Central Pay Commission Highlights" Spreads on Social Media . The document was shared  on whatsapp and Facebook by many users.

As the recommendation date is nearing  and  curiosity is rising in government employees, Rumors on 7th Pay Commission Report are going viral on various platforms – Highlights of the report spreads on Social Media and Leading Websites and shared by government employees on Facebook and whatsapp groups.

This time rumor spreaders also put signatures, along with names and designations of four members of the Pay Commission, including the chairman and secretary.

A crucial document containing the signatures of four members, including the chairman and secretary of the 7th Pay Commission was released on the Social Media, creating a buzz. The document, titled “Report of Seventh Central Pay Commission Highlights” contained the seal of the Central Government, stated that it would be submitted on September 1, 2015. The report showed three pages of the document. At the end of it, there were signatures, along with names and designations of four members of the Pay Commission, including the chairman and secretary.


This document is fake  because it conatains following suspicious Text

  • The starting para of the report states that "The 15 months tenure of the commission was till 01.01.2016" is wrong.
  • In Second page under para "Education Allowance" a para number is given 4.2.60 is also suspicious.
  • In Education Allowance point (i) states "Reimbursement of Tuition Fee" and point (ii) mentioned "Children Education Allowance" is also seems altered and illogical.  The amount shown in this para is funny.
  • The last two point of second page is related to Ministry of Heavy Industries and seems the part of any CPSE report.
  • The distance of two lines in  second page shows that cut-paste work has been done.
  • Main thing is the stamp and signatures of 7th CPC member all signature-stamp containing "sd/-" means signed and a signature is not needed on "sd/-".  This shows the document is totally fake.
  • The third page regarding pay structure is totally fake.  No need to mention 5th CPC Scale in 7th CPC Report.  The table shown in this page is also not well structured and the revised column consist the "Grade Pay" sub column of Pre-revised Scale.



The document also contained the recommendations of Revised Pay Scale Structure for all groups of Central Government employees. In addition to abolishing the Grade Pay Structure, the new minimum pay scale has been fixed at Rs.21,200. There is also indicated to provide a six percent annual increment.

There is brief information on hra, CEA, Pay Fixation and Increment. There is no information about the person/s who had released the document. Most importantly, the information provided in the document is hard to believe.

The 7th Pay Commission was all set to submit its report to the Central Government towards the end of September, but the Centre has given it an extension of four more months. According to the government, the decision was made after the committee requested for additional time to prepare the final report.

For the past few weeks, the curiosity of Central Government employees about the recommendations of the 7th Pay Commission has increased. This is reflected by the increased searches on the internet for any information on the new Pay Commission. They are eagerly reading up all kinds of reports, analysis, and comments on the recommendations of the 7th Pay Commission on topics like new pay scale, promotions, and revised allowances. They are also expressing their opinions on such articles.

There is nothing wrong in writing articles about the 7th Pay Commission based on personal opinions and aspirations. But, there is nothing funny about producing a fake document and releasing it on the internet.

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